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Here I’ll give you 8 Reasons as to Why I Choose my Hosting Company. I have 15 dynamic sites in my online business. So my clients and accomplices consistently get some information about my hosting company, since I never have any issues and I never grumble. So when they begin going on about the issues they’re having, slow stacking times, horrendous help and so on, I understand over and over the fact that I am so fortunate to be with Bluehost.

So in this post I will clarify why I love so much, and I expectation this can assist you with choosing which hosting is appropriate for you.

Reason 1 – Amazing Customer Service

There isn’t anything more goading than having awful client care at your hosting company. I have been with another hosting company already, and my involvement in them was terrible. I used to submit uphold tickets and afterward not hear back for 2 days. At that point I needed to present another help pass to catch up on the current help ticket. What’s more, again no answer for 2 days. It was driving me staggeringly crazy.

What’s more, when I attempted to utilize other hosting company visit uphold, I’d need to stand by a horrendously lengthy time span to get somebody to talk to me. Also, more often than not they requested to present the ticket in any case so that “the specialists can investigate it”. It actually raises my heartbeat to consider that experience. At the point when your site is down or not working appropriately and you’re losing cash and deals, you need somebody who will help you in a split second.

This is the place where truly sparkle. I will discuss it in detail beneath, however they truly are the market chiefs in client care. All issues or questions that I’ve ever had get managed practically quickly. Their help tickets get tackled inside 30 minutes and their talk uphold is moment – you get somebody to visit with you inside a couple of moments.

Reason 2 – Instant Chat Support

Alright so Chat Support at truly is extraordinary. At the point when you have such an issue, or even an inquiry, you can essentially tap on Live Chat, and you get somebody to converse with immediately, there is no pausing.

Also, after you begin talking to somebody, they don’t simply send you off to another zone. They really figure out how to help you on that talk more often than not.

Here is some information which shows how thinks about to 12 other hosting companies and I have given that underneath. So from the second you begin visiting to give goal normal turnaround time is just 5 minutes. This information is given by Bluehost, however I need to state that I would say it’s right on target.

Talk answer time: Instant

Talk goal time: 5 minutes

Reason 3 – 30 Minutes Resolution on Tickets

Some of the time you can’t get your issue settled over visit. For instance, you may need to give screen captures, or login subtleties, or a record of something. In that occurrence you have to send in a ticket.

With most other hosting companies a ticket implies many long periods of holding up prior to hearing anything back. Once more, my involvement in has been overwhelmingly certain, in light of the fact that each ticket I have sent in the course of recent years was settled immediately.

Reason 4 – Instant Phone Support

I don’t prefer to call my hosting supplier frequently. I have just done it a couple of times. Yet, there could be individuals out there who might want to call up rather than talk or tickets.

So I can’t completely say that telephone uphold is ALWAYS moment, however in the 2 or multiple times that I needed to call, they did to be sure get immediately. Details from Bluehost’s overview:

Reason 5 – Great Loading Times

As I have referenced, I have been with 7 other hosting companies, FatCow, Namecheap Hosting, GoDaddy Hosting and a few more modest ones load times have consistently been the quickest and I have never experience any abnormal gradualness of sites.

I haven’t actually done such a period stacking examination, I can simply say that my other hosting company shared hosting once in a while took 4-5 seconds to try and begin stacking. With Bluehost, it’s constantly been moment, super quick.

Reason 6 – Proactive Security

I don’t have a clue how to state this appropriately, so the most ideal approach to depict it that I can consider is Proactive Security.

Twice in the previous year I have been assaulted by means of a DDOS assault, where fundamentally programmers send a huge number of bot clicks every moment to your site, making it load pages at an unbelievably quick rate, and at last cutting the worker down, which brings about your site being disconnected for quite a long time or days all at once.

Bluehost, amazingly, proactively distinguished that for me, and sent me a warning message by means of email to exhort me that was occurring, and that they figured out how to hinder the DDOS assault. So my assaulted locales copped a touch of harm and were down for 10-15 minutes, however were back online after that. The entirety of that occurred while I was snoozing.

Reason 7 – Free Backups

I didn’t understand how significant reinforcements are. I never truly had any issues as far as the data in my destinations going degenerate or anything like that.

However, in April this year, for one of my product item dispatches, my engineer committed an error and a great deal of mission data that I had put away on my site got lost. There were around 15 missions, with standards, designs, and loads of other data. It would have taken me days to re-make.

So I went to uphold and got some information about reinforcements. I didn’t know whether they had it or not. Fortunately, they give free every day reinforcements for nothing out of pocket, all included for all your hosting accounts (30 days reinforcement for Shared and 7 days reinforcement for VPS). I figured out how to get my data reestablished, and it was an enormous help.

Reason 8 – Price

I put this at the extremely base, on the grounds that genuinely cost isn’t the greatest factor while picking your hosting supplier. The main things are client care and site stacking speed.

Be that as it may, additionally conveys on cost. Their mutual hosting begins at simply affordable price which is as modest as some other modest company out there. Other hosting company plans are about a similar cost.

Furthermore, regardless of whether you could spare $0.50 or $1 every month somewhere else, I truly don’t suggest picking the least expensive facilitating. You may spare $6 or $10 every year by picking the least expensive host, however you are probably going to think twice about it when you run over frightful client support.

Furthermore, are not costly using any and all means – they are amazingly reasonable, and still near being perhaps the least expensive company.


All things considered, there you go. As you can likely tell, I truly love Bluehost. Furthermore, I have no faltering in prescribing them to anybody. They have a choice of plans which can develop with you… I began with a modest shared hosting plan and now I am running a VPS (Cloud) account since I have countless sites. In any case, it’s absolutely versatile and you can begin with a standard shared record and afterward go up when you have to.

You may like to start your hosting plan with Bluehost at a very affordable price.

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